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Your Fave Mexican Joint Guzman Y Gomez Has Big Changes

It has become one of Australia’s most loved Mexican food joints.
And now, according to news.com.au, Guzman Y Gomez is about to take on McDonalds.

This week, the Mexican chain has launched ‘mini’ versions of seven menu items, including burritos, , enchiladas, salads and fries.

Over the coming weeks it will also launch a breakfast menu, more Drive-Thru venues, a plant-based menu as well as espresso coffee PLUS a kid’s menu.

CEO Mark Hawthorne told news.com.au “It’s a real attack on fast food,”

“When you build a business you want to disrupt the biggest competitors you can. Our competitors are McDonald’s and KFC ... I think it’s time for a major disruption and I want GYG to lead the way,” he said.

Hawthone went on to say “We want to be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day,”

“Traditional fast food hasn’t changed in decades and they’re getting away with such low quality food and for me, that’s not OK. We’re what fast food should be.”

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