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Why This Photo Went Viral Over The Weekend

Over the weekend the internet went wild over the picture of a young boy contemplating his future - and the reason why will break your heart.

Shared by Humans of New York, the snap was accompanied by one simple sentence:

"I'm homosexual and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that people won't like me."

A week after the USA legalised gay marriage and coming at a time when the debate over marriage equality has been widely focused on across the media, politics and on social media, the photo couldn't have been more timely.

"I'm homosexual and I'm afraid about what my future will be and that people won't like me."

Posted by Humans of New York on Friday, July 3, 2015

In just a few short days, the heartbreaking photo has certainly had plenty of people speak up in support - including Hillary Clinton.

Writing from her official Hillary For America campaign account, Clinton told the unnamed boy:

"Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing. You will surprise yourself with what you're capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you - there will be lots of them. - H"

Those words of support were echoed by thousands with comments like:

"When I was growing up, being gay was the only way I defined myself. I wasn't kind or intelligent or funny. I was just gay. And I let the world zero in on that one filter of me. Now that I'm (more) grown up, I've understood that I'm so much more than just homosexual. And learning to see myself as a kind, intelligent, and occasionally funny man - who incidentally is also gay - has had an incredibly healing effect on me. My advice in short: don't focus on being gay or not gay. Focus on being a great human being, and you'll love yourself all the more for it. Big big hug, little guy!"

"You need to like you that's all that matters"

"If you were my son, I'd Love you just the same and I'd be the Proudest Dad for having the Courage to admit it to yourself and the World. And guess what, regardless of who our hearts choose to Love, everyone won't like us for all sorts of reasons. Don't let that stop or concern you. Just follow your dreams and make your own Path. Remember, there's a reason why people come into our lives: some stay for a season, others for many more. Some will undoubtedly hurt you but, many more will surely embrace, accept, nourish and comfort you. And in each and Every one of them, there is a Lesson to be learned. Be Well, Be Blessed and Be Happy my Child. For GOD Blesses the Child that finds his own."

"I'm a homosexual and my future is bright and people love and adore me And all I had to I do was be myself."

Let's hope the future is looking brighter for not just this boy, but others like him.

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