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Whale, Hello There: QLD Police Make Fishy New Friend

How gorgeous is this!

Two patrolling Queensland Police officers made a new friend while on the water this week. 

A close encounter of a good kind. 

The whale is obviously not shy, approaching the boat and circling long enough for a sneakie selfie and hello. 

"The officers were patrolling the exclusion zones, and making sure both experienced and recreational fishermen were abiding by the rules," the police report states. 

"During their patrol, near Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay they came across a delightful whale, who enjoyed circling the police boat before swimming off.

"The call of duty for QPS officers stretches far and wide, even ensuring to stop and say hello (and of course get a photo) not only just to members of the community but our animals too."

Of course the QPS Facebook post was jam-packed with punny goodness... We expect nothing less from their social media accounts! 

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