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Viral Wedding Dress Ad Prompts Bride To Crowd Fund Divorce

"Wedding dress for sale - worn once by mistake"

Lauryn Lawrence has spent plenty of time trying to rid herself of a wedding dress from a failed marriage (and the bad memories associated with it) using paid ads to no avail.

But this latest attempt got us hook, line and sinker.


It begins, “It looks stunning on, enough to distract you from the fact you are entering into a marriage with a compulsive liar”.

And the witty banter just gets better from there.

Unashamedly candid and no doubt relatable to some, the post has gone viral since it was published on Facebook three days ago.

Originally $3100, she is only asking for $350 for the gown - to cover the cost of some lingerie to spice up her life with her new partner (who she assures us is a much better match).

And considering the amount of interest she received in the post, she decided to make lemonade out of lemons and try to crowdfund her divorce.

Her GoFundMe page is written in the same hilarious tone.

“We all make mistakes, right? Like the time I attempted a DIY Brazillian (sic) wax and stuck my bits together, or the time I raced outside with an exploding coke can forgetting I was naked,” it begins.

While she credits the marriage for producing her gorgeous daughter and hi-fiving ovaries (you will have to read the full post to understand), she is ready to move on and formalise the separation.

The original plan was to file jointly as a couple, but her former partner has allegedly been a bit tardy returning the paperwork, forcing Lauryn to take things into her own hands – which explains the GoFundMe attempt.

So far she has already surpassed her aim of $420 and it currently sits at $530.

What does she have planned for the extra money?

A few cheeky celebratory drinks with the new man in her life. We can’t think of anything more fitting.

Let’s hope it is onwards and upwards for this comedic young woman.


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