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Veteran Responds To Passive Aggressive Parking Note

After a man found a passive aggressive note left on his car for parking in a disabled spot, he did the best thing.

This man is a US Disabled Veteran and he doesn't need to have a disabled sticker on his car, but it is noted on his number plate.

The passive aggressive note reads: 

"Hey buddy, stop parking in handicap spots!!! You DO NOT have a sticker nor do you look handicapped.

"I have taken a picture of your license plate and sent it to the office for towing by the courtesy officer. 

"Stop being a jerk!"


To which the veteran responded in a typed letter, stating that he, in fact, isn't breaking any rules as he has a Disabled Veteran license plate.

"By the way, I would love to hear what your idea of a handicapped person 'looks' like, Asshole."

We think he perfectly toed the line between being classy, and still calling out a bully.

H/T Mashable

Top Photo: Stock Photo and Imgur

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