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This Mum Was Majorly "SHAFTED" By This Pillow Purchase

File this one under 'unusual' homewares available due to, well, the internet. 

Everyone loves a flowery pillow - your grandparents, your mum, a teacher from fourth grade. 

So when this reddit user found out her mum had purchased two lovely patterned pillows it didn't raise suspicion. 

But then she looked closer.


That's right, it's a cushion covered in peen. 

I mean we've heard of a body pillow but this is not what we had in mind... 


And the design is apparently no incident. 

You can in fact buy pillows, pants, iPhone covers and our favourite rainbow mugs all with similar patterns. 


For those days where you want a regular reminder of the male appendage, that is only recognised by those who dare to look close enough. 

You can buy a glorious selection of these items - come on, we all know at least one person that would appreciate this. 

What's better, they're on sale. 

Look Human's online store is awaiting. For all your penis printed pleasure.


H/T: Mamamia

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