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The Genius Way Air Hostesses Get Rid Of Bad Toilet Smells

Sometimes there are things you NEVER think about, but once you do - you can’t help but appreciate how cool it is.

Well, we just found out that there’s a reason the toilets on a plane NEVER smell as bad as they should.

Think about it.

During a 21-hour flight, for instance, think about HOW MANY people would be going number two in those cubicles.

It’s kind of gross…

However, we have discovered the way cabin crew diffuse the odours, and it’s quite a nifty trick.


If a traveller has let loose a particularly pungent stink, the flight attendant will brew a strong pot of coffee to bring with them while clean the loo.

According to the crew from Norwegian Airlines, pouring a strong cup of black coffee down the toilet will neutralise the odour.

Experts say the reason coffee works so effectively is because it both neutralises the bacteria and brings with it a very familiar new smell.

It makes sense, seeing as when you smell fragrances in a perfume shop, they often have little bowls of coffee beans to sniff in between, it works!

So if you suddenly have a craving for a cappuccino while doing your thing on the dunny, there’s a damn good right.

Source: news.com.au

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