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This Has To Be The Most Disgusting TV Show In Existence!

Let’s be honest, there have been some pretty controversial reality TV shows over the years.

Remember the outrage when Married At First Sight first debuted?! Or even further back to when Big Brother introduced us to things we wish we could forget.

Well this reality show surely has to take the cake.

The new program, Nee Je Zwespullen Mee, has seen global outrage after debuting in the Netherlands.

Roughly translating to Bring Your Bathing Suit, the show asked male contestants to answer whether a woman was pregnant or just fat.

As if that wasn’t outrageous enough, they followed it up with a segment that asked if another woman’s breasts were real or fake.

Yeah, we know.

A petition is already calling for the show to be axed, however the company behind the controversial production have said the aim is to “laugh off all forms of prejudices” reports Buzzfeed.

We’re not convinced.

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