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This Chick's Passport Photo Went So Hilariously Wrong

Getting a new passport photo has got to be one of the most traumatising parts about going overseas.

You can't hide behind your hair, you're not allowed to smile, there's no Valencia filter to even things out AND you have to put up with it for 10 whole years.

It's almost enough to put you off going on holidays.

So you've got to feel for poor Chelsey Ramos, who sent off a pretty decent picture for her new passport and was instead handed a horrifying new form of government identification.


That's not so much a forehead as a six-head, right? Right?

"We thought it was funny, so Chelsey had me post it to Reddit," the 27-year-old's boyfriend Reece told Teen Vogue of the now-viral photo.

"We're just happy people think it's funny and it's been received positively. Both of the offices we work in had a lot of fun with it.

"Thankfully it hasn't gone to her head!"

After having the photo replaced, Chelsey was able to use her now-famous passport on a trip to Germany to celebrate Reece's 30th birthday so all's well that ends well really.

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