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This Aussie Sweet Shop TV Advert Said To Be ''Too Racist"

A retro Victorian lolly shop with a toy golliwog in its logo has withdrawn its television advert after the advertising watchdog ruled it ‘’humiliating and ridiculous.’’

The advertisement features an animated version of the logo with the golliwog alongside other stuffed toys standing around old-fashioned confectionary.

Beechworth Sweet Co has used the golliwog in its logo since 1992, and it is now racist, according to its previous owner Judi Borschman.

One person complained about the ad saying ‘’“It shocked me deeply, this is a racist symbol,” the person wrote.


“In 2016 the image of a golliwog on television is completely inexcusable. I actually believe casual racism like this is so damaging to the community and this commercial should never be aired again.’’

Beechworth replied to the complaint saying “The Beechworth Sweet Co believes the logo represents childhood memories, eg. toys, pets and old fashioned confectionery,” the business said.

“Golliwogs, now referred to as gollies, were very popular toys at the beginning of the 20th century and were characters in many children’s books. We believe we represent gollies as part of happy childhood memories in a tasteful [and] respectful way.”


The advert has now been completely pulled from all advertising platforms.

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