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The Ultimate List Of Aussie TV Shows

We all LOVE television, many of us spend much of our lives infront of the box - so it helps if we're presented with good TV.

A quick check of the KIIS office allowed me to list the 10 best Aussie shows of all time.

Do you think we've missed any off the list?

Agro's Cartoon Connection

So 90s!

Hey, Hey It's Saturday!

Remember Plucka-Duck?

(Check out Kylie - and Harold's hair!)

Home & Away

Flamin' Gallah!

Australia's Funniest Home Videos

Just TRY not to laugh!


We all experienced Nina's highs and lows with her!

Sons and Daughters

Oh, remember this?!

A Country Practice

An insight into Australian country life!


Life in an Australian jail on telly! Look out for a different looking Ray Meagher!

The Secret Life Of Us

The Aussie version of Melrose Place?

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