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The Incredible Story Of The Pregnant Five-Year-Old Girl

When little Lina Medina's stomach began to swell and protrude, her family and their doctors assumed the five-year-old had a tumour.

But as Dr Gerardo Lozada examined Lina further, he was shocked to discover that the little girl had fully developed mammary glands and sexual organs - and that she was eight months pregnant.


On May 14, 1939, Lina gave birth to a healthy baby boy via caesarean section, as her young body was too tiny to go through a natural labour; named Gerardo, after Lina's doctor, her son believed Lina was his sister until he was 10 years old.

The case, which occurred in a small Peruvian village, sent ripples through the world, and continues to intrigue doctors and scientists alike.

Lina was found to be suffering from a condition call precocious puberty, where her body began developing as an adult at extremely early age; nearly 80 years on, hers is the youngest recorded case of precocious puberty.

According to Lina's mother, the child had started menstruating at just eight months and fell pregnant, it was thought, after her father sexually abused her.

He was arrested but later released due to a lack of evidence and an article in a 1955 edition of the Chicago Tribune put forward the theory that Lina's pregnancy was the result of traditional Andean village festivities which often ended in orgies.

Lina, who is still alive at the age of 85, married husband Raul in the late '70s and had a second son; she has never spoken about her first pregnancy.


Gerardo lived until he was 40, dying in 1979 after a battle with bone disease.

While Lina's astonishing case has often been called a hoax, x-rays, biopsies and photographs taken at the time seem to have verified the incredible story.


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