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Heartbreaking Way Tara Brown's Daughter Remembers Her Mum

Days before the first anniversary of her tragic death, Tara Brown's family have revealed the sweet, but heartbreaking, way her daughter Aria tries to remember her.

Tara's mother, Natalie Hinton, made the admission to the Gold Coast Bulletin, telling them that, every night, before she goes to sleep, Aria kisses her pillow, on which is a photograph of the gorgeous mother-daughter duo.

"She has a great memory," Ms Hinton said. "I thought that memories would have started to fade by now but they are so strong still."

The Bulletin also reports that the Gold Coast University Hospital, which treated the 24-year-old New Zealand-born mother, took a cast of the young woman's hand; it has now been framed, with an Aria-drawn rainbow above it.

For the proud grandmother, focussing on her "go-getting" granddaughter has given her hope.

"Aria keeps me focused. She's very much like her mum. She's very confident."

Tara's ex-boyfriend, Lionel Patea, has been charged with her murder, which, police allege, happened on September 8, 2015.

Mr Patea, it is alleged, followed Tara after she had dropped Aria off at daycare, forcing her car off the road and attacking her with a metal object.

Tara sadly passed away in hospital a day later. 

"I believe Tara is around a lot," Ms Hinton said of the moment a rainbow appeared at the site of the crash. "I know Aria can feel it.

"I know she doesn't realise yet that that's the connection."

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