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Devastating Reason This Poor Baby's Death Was Shown On TV

The incredibly tragic death of nine-month-old baby Leyton has been broadcast during an episode of UK-based hospital documentary, Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

The tiny tot was rushed to the emergency department after eating and choking on a piece of plastic; when Leyton's father discovered he had stopped breathing, he called 000 and was instructed to begin chest compressions.

Once at the hospital, doctors managed to get his little heart beating again, but Leyton sadly never woke up from the induced coma he was placed in to help him recover.

Now the boy's parents, Adam and Serena, are explaining the heart-breaking reason they decided to let cameras keep rolling while medical staff battled to save their son.

"We didn't expect to want to continue in the event of losing our beautiful boy," Serena told Birmingham Mail. "But once it became clear that Leyton wasn't going to get any better, we both felt an overwhelming sense of wanting to do something to raise awareness.

"All parents know the dangers of choking, but even when you think you've done all you can to protect your baby, accidents can always happen.

"If, by watching this programme, it makes parents even more aware of hazards, and saves just one little life and another family going through what we did and continue to struggle with for the rest of lives, then his life wasn't in vain."

The episode followed the family over the course of a harrowing week, documenting not only the nine-month-old's treatment, but how staff at the hospital helped Adam, Serena and Leyton's brother Cooper come to terms with their loss.

"It's almost like you don't feel like you," Serena explained. "There's that emptiness. It consumes your whole body. It's a strange feeling.

"I've lost the most precious thing you could lose but we still have life."

Adam agreed, adding: "Just think of the good times with Leyton, that's how I get through it.

"Just think of his smiley little face."

Image courtesy Channel 4

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