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Telstra Launching Something Game-Changing That Will Annoy Yo

Telstra are set to launch a new mobile phone movie service that will automatically pish films into smartphones in the hope that users will buy or rent them.

The movie-pushing trial is the latest development from Telstra, Ericsson and 20th Century Fox and will use a new network broadcasting technology so the movie downloads will not count towards the users data limit.

The trial will be given to selected Telstra customers who are using the Samsung Galaxy S7 phones.

Users will receive notifications when a film launches that ‘matches their interests’ and the high definition film will be broadcast to their device automatically, ready for them to watch straight away if they wish.

The customer will be able to control how many films are pushed to their phone and at the moment it is not known how much the movies will cost to watch.

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn said “Our customers love entertainment content and are increasingly watching it on their mobiles,”

‘’It has the potential to offer our customers a truly distinctive video customer experience, delivering studio-sanctioned picture and audio quality,’’ he continued.

There is no word on when the service will be available.

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