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Snow White's Sister Is Getting Her Own Disney Spin-Off!

We've all grown up hearing the Disney story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. 

A story inspired by one of Grimm's Fairy Tales of a porcelain skinned beauty with a gentle nature who stumbles across the home of the dwarves.

Turns out, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were so fond of Snow White they wrote two stories about her - but in this version she has a sister.


Meet Rose Red.

And now Disney wants to share the story of the second sister - in a live action movie to be exact. 

Rose Red is a little more feisty and adventurous than her mild mannered sister, which makes us even more excited for this story to unfold. 

The premise is to mash the two brothers Grimm stories surrounding Snow White into one and introduce Rose Red at the point where Snow White bites into the poisonous apple. 

And don't worry some of the dwarves are set to feature as well. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grumpy will be joining Rose Red on her journey to save her sister. 


Bring on a Disney story about a strong-willed and independent girl who goes out of her way to save her sister!!

(Hey, Frozen worked well for them didn't it!?)

H/T: Refinery29.com

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