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Skittles Have Released A Deeply Disturbing Mother's Day Ad

Why Skittles feels the need to create a Mother's Day ad is beyond us, but they've tapped into the topic in a very disturbing way.

Featuring a mother and adult-aged son sitting on a couch, the son remarks how much he enjoys it when his mother eats Skittles... as they are attached by an umbilical cord. Yes, disturbing, we warned you.

Maybe they felt that this was the best way to portray 'sharing' between Mother and son on Mother's day, or they were all out of other ideas, or they were all high when they came up with this. Who knows. But they've got us talking, and sharing, so really it's a job well done, disturbingly.

Watch the ad at top, do you feel the need to run out and buy some Skittles now though? Didn't think so.

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