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Seinfeld Cast Re-Visit Roles For Dying Cancer Patient's BDay

This could be one of our favourite celebrity give-backs of all time. 

James Calder was diagnosed with a non-smoking lung cancer and after battling with the illness for two years, his time was coming to an end. 

So with his 67th birthday approaching, his son (also James Calder) decided he wanted to do something special. 

Enter the cast of Seinfeld, Calder Sr's favourite TV show. 

The premise was to get as many characters as possible to wish the father a happy birthday - in character or in person.

And boy, did it turn out to be the most special present James could ever have hoped for.

It took a persistent effort but eventually the responses began to role in. 

While some of the big stars were near impossible to get in contact with, there are so many smaller characters that gained the show the cult following it had. 

John O'Hurley, who played J Peterman, was the first to respond with a video message in character.

Followed by the legendary Soup Nazi, Larry Thomas - changing around his normal catchphrase to "NO CAKE FOR YOU!!!!".

Danny Woodburn was quick to come to the table, as his character Mickey Abbott. 

His son then took to Huffington Post to spread the word and try to get as many videos as possible. 

Characters including Walter at Peterman, Stu Chermack, David Puddy, Kenny Bania and even Ping the delivery biker all send in videos and shared their piece. 

A few more also answered the call but requested the videos remain private for the family alone - including Frank Costanza and Larry the Cook at Monk's Cafe.

Then Kramer got in contact (aka Michael Richards)!!!

However, instead of a video, he had wanted to physically call his father on his Birthday.

Then to his surprise, Wayne Knight who also played Newman responded. 

The names kept rolling in. 

Tina, Carol, Ricky, Lippman, Loyd Brawn... 

He knew he was going well when Al Roker (who played himself in an episode) even joined in on wishing his father a happy birthday. 

Unfortunately it was at that point that James' condition began to worsen, so the family began to show him the well wishes from all the cast - scared he would not make it to his birthday deadline. 

Later that day, while in hospital, Julia Louis-Dreyfus' assistant sent through the final message from the cast. 

And what a message to end on. 

He may not have made it to his 67th birthday officially, but we are certain he left this world feeling the love of his family and the kindness and generosity of the cast of Seinfeld that gave him so many laughs throughout his life. 

“My father’s condition worsened as the Seinfeld birthday project continued to develop,” James wrote on Huffington Post.

“He received detrimental news which resulted in more Chemo treatments and then being admitted into the hospital.

"The day before he passed, my mom (sic) and I decided to start showing him the videos to lift his spirits. He was shocked and mystified about how we were able to reach the Seinfeld cast members. He really felt the love and support.”

But there was one final piece to the puzzle. 

After he passed away James and his mother decided to stay by his side. 

But James' wife and daughter went home, only to turn the TV on to see one of Calder Sr's favourite episodes of Seinfeld playing. 

Just one final reminder of how much a TV show brought a family together through both the laughs and the hard times. 

The family are hoping to revisit the Seinfeld project next year and use it as a way to creatively raise awareness for cancer. 

For more information on James Calder and his son, or to view all the videos in full, click here.

H/T: Huffington Post

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