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See Nicolas Cage Calm Motley Crue's Vince Neil After Assault

Drama on the Los Vegas Strip yesterday.

Police say Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is accused of grabbing a woman's hair from behind and pulling her to the ground at a Las Vegas Strip resort.

Bystander mobile phone video provided to the celebrity website TMZ.com shows actor Nicolas Cage physically restraining Neil before police arrived.

Going by the video footage, Cage was able to calm Neil in his heightened fit of anger.

Las Vegas police officer Michael Rodriguez said on Friday the incident happened on Thursday evening outside the Aria resort.

He confirmed that Cage was at the scene, but wasn't accused of a crime.

Police issued the 55-year-old Neil a misdemeanor battery summons and he has a June 17 court date. He wasn't held in custody.

His lawyer, David Chesnoff, says he's investigating the allegation and the public shouldn't prejudge the situation.

A spokesman for Cage didn't immediately respond to messages.

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