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QLD Family Discover Problem With Toilet Flush Is Animal

Imagine this Queensland family's surprise after noticing their toilet had been flushing on its own. 

After some investigation, the Sunshine Coast locals discovered the problem with their bathroom wasn't a mechanical fault, but instead a brown tree snake that had perched itself on the flush lever. 

They decided to call in the professionals to remove the critter. 

"The mum and two daughters were terrified. They didn't use that bathroom until it was gone," Luke (Snake Catcher Noosa) told Yahoo7.

After a failed first attempt to capture the snake, the mysterious flushing toilet a few days later again notified the family that their new visitor was back. 

"(It was) probably looking for a drink of water because it's been so hot and dry," Luke said. 

We don't want to think about what their water bill will be like next quarter - especially on a rural Doonan property! 

At least the family can safely use their bathroom again for its intended purpose!

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