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Prince Harry Jokes around with fellow Red Head in Australia

Hundreds of well wishes came to see Prince Harry as he touched down in Australia on the weekend. 

Among the fans was Ethan Toscan, 12, a fellow red head who reportedly spent two hours making a sign that said 'Red Heads Rule', which Prince Harry spotted and pulled a funny face in front of for the cameras! 

The royal Prince, down under for a military secondment, the high-fived his fellow red head. 

During his visit, the British Royal Prince also urged teenagers to stop pestering him to pose for selfies, urging them to take normal photos instead. 

This comment was made while he visited the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on Monday. 

He said, 'I hate selfies. Seriously! I know you're young but selfies arre bad. Just take a normal photograph.'

Picture: Hello Magazine

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