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Police Are Now Enforcing DOUBLE DEMERITS For This!

Addicted to your mobile phone? We've got bad news for you. 

If you are caught using your mobile while driving, you will now not only cop a LARGE fine but also double demerit points. 

Coming up over the Christmas period, the police will be enforcing new rules. 

This includes double demerit points applying to drivers who are caught using their mobile phone while driving. 

According to the State Government, you are 20 times more likely to have an accident on the road if you text and drive. 

So, over the festive period, if you are caught using your phone you will lose double the points. 

Currently, the fine for driving and using your phone is $319 and a loss of 3 demerit points. 

Roads Minister Duncan Gay told The Daily Telegraph: 

"You might think this is a bit tough, I don't give a damn. We're deliberately making it tough but if I save your life, I've done you a favour". 

We are completely in favour of the new rule... hopefully it'll last longer than just the Christmas period! 

News: Daily Telegraph 

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