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People Are Absolutely Fuming About One Of Aldi's Special Buy

Aldi is causing quite a stir with some customers who have questioned the supermarket’s decision to stock one of its new Special Buy products.

This Wednesday Aldi will stock its shelves with Green Action flushable bathroom cleaning wipes for their customers to use on bathroom and toilet surfaces.

Customers have taken to the Aldi Australia Facebook page saying they should not be stocking an item that claims to be ‘flushable’.


One user said “You have advertised flushable cleaning wipes this coming Wednesday but this is wrong. They must not be flushed. It is misleading advertising. Sydney Water are constantly trying to stop the sale of flushable wipes and now you are making things worse!”

Another wrote: “Aldi- I love you most of the time but really. Green Action (ahem) ‘Flushable’ wipes on sale next week?! When will everyone realise that these things ARE NOT FLUSHABLE!!! Please don’t help in harming the environment and our waste systems. get with the program!!”

Consumer group CHOICE told the Herald Sun “It’d be great if someone had developed a flushable wipe, and while it’s hard to pass judgment on ALDI’s product without seeing it, consumers should be really wary of flushable wipes,”

“They’re a product that don’t need to exist, they’re bad for the environment, they’re bad for plumbing and can cost you and local councils a great deal of money.”

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