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Woman Sets Fire To Hectares Of Land From Discarded Ciggies

By Isabella Lovric.

A 46-year-old has racked up $3000 in fines this week after sparking three fires.

How did she manage to do that, you wonder?

Discarded cigarrettes…

Apparently, the woman was walking to Nimbin when she discarded cigarettes without extinguishing them, causing THREE separate fires that damaged several hectares, a NSW police spokesman told AAP on Wednesday.

We will just leave that thought there…

Emergency services were called to a fire near Arkinstall Road at Tuntable Creek on Tuesday morning.

The woman was issued with infringement notices and fined $660 for discarding cigarettes and an additional $2200 for causing a fire on the property of another.

Sounds like a HUGE hint from the world that she should consider quitting, right?! 

with AAP 

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