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Muslims Around The World Condemn Paris Attacks

Muslims from all over the world are speaking out against the brutal attacks that killed more than 127 people in Paris.

Fearing that Islam as a whole will be blamed for the attacks - as it was following 9/11 - many are publicly denouncing the acts of terrorism by extremist groups using the hashtag #IAmAMuslim.

They hope that by rejecting the violence shown by ISIS, they can show that terrorism isn't supported by Islam.

Although it's natural to want to blame someone or something after this tragedy struck, Islam isn't at fault.

As one twitter user said: "Anti-Islam sentiment on my feed won't be tolerated. ISIS is no more representative of Islam than the KKK is of white people."

Islamophobia is rampant on Twitter after the event, and especially after ISIS took responsibility for it.

Support using the hashtag #IAmAMuslim came flooding in on Twitter:

H/T Elite Daily

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