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Mum Furious At Retailer For Selling THIS At The Register

Christmas is a wonderful time of year... Except maybe when you are navigating your way through busy shopping centres, kids in tow, trying to get your final gifts sorted. 

So imagine, during the stress of a Christmas shop, you see THIS in plain sight at the counter of a store. 

Emma Mander has slammed retailer B&M for putting 'Santa's Reply Letters' right beside the cash register. 

What a way for a kid to find out the truth about Santa... 

Thankfully she only had her baby with her this time around and not her six and eight year olds, who certainly would have begun questioning things. 

Emma took to Facebook to take aim at B&M about the placement of the letters, and has garnered a lot of support from other parents. 

"I’m not sure you’re aware of the parents unwritten Santa code - but I’d just like to point out that this, THIS falls outside of the rules!" her post began.

"Why did you think 1. It was acceptable to sell these in the first place (do it online maybe?) and 2. To put them right at the till so that parents can’t avoid with their kids?!

"I’m just glad I didn’t have my older two with me, who I’m trying desperately to keep believing in the magic of Christmas ... and Santa ... if they’d have seen something clearly labelled “Santa’s Reply Letter” there would have been all sorts of questions."

Do you think Emma is overreacting? Or is she well within her right to complain about something so sensitive being placed in plain sight? 

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