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Missing Woman Found After Horrific Ordeal In QLD Terrain

A Korean woman fell from the summit of a mountain near Cairns and then crawled through dense bush to a waterfall, where she spent six days before being rescued.

Joohee Han had hiked to the top of Mount Tyson last Friday and taken photographs from Scout Rock before slipping and knocking herself unconscious.

Her story of survival has been shared by a paramedic involved in the rescue while the 25-year-old underwent a medical check at Tully Hospital.

"When she came to, she was quite disoriented and unable to get her bearings," Queensland Ambulance Services flight paramedic Hannah Gaulke said.

"She managed to crawl and scrape her way through the bushland, which was really tough terrain."

Ms Gaulke says the backpacker had nowhere to go after reaching a rocky waterfall, where she waited until being found by soldiers and police on Thursday.

"Six days is a long time to be lost in the bush, particularly when you've got no bush skills," Inspector Steve Kersley said.

"She's done well to survive."


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