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Maccas Is Making Something Awesome Out Of A Happy Meal Box

Who doesn't get nostalgic over a good ole Happy Meal. 

A simple meal in a box with your own toy and sometimes, if you are lucky, (or at a McDonald's Birthday Party) cookies as well!

But it seems that Maccas is trialling a way to make the box the toy.

Stay with us for a minute...

Currently in Sweden, McDonalds have created a special Happy Meal box that doubles as virtual reality goggles. 

Simply fold along the correct edges and insert the provided lenses and surprise! VR goggles.

From there you can put your phone inside the box and enhance your gaming experience. 


Now to bring it to Australia!! 

See how McDonald's Happy Meal boxes turn into VR headsets.

Posted by Mashable on Saturday, 19 March 2016

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