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Only 8% Of The Population Can Solve This Puzzle

These things are always beyond frustrating and yet we JUST CAN'T RESIST.

The latest puzzle to baffle/ annoy the internet comes courtesy of Playbuzz and requires a heck of a lot more patience than we have to spare; the aim of the game is to count how many squares are in this picture.

So far, so simple, I hear you cry.

You cry wrong, my friend. So wrong. 


What do you reckon? Want to know the answer?

All up, we're talking 40 squares: eight tiny squares and 18 normal ones, nine of the two-by-two squares and four three-by-three squares, and one giant four-by-four one.



Apparently only eight per cent of the population can figure it out, so don't feel too bad if you missed the mark.

*Cough* like us...

Images via Playbuzz

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