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Hilarious Video Shows Girl Trying To Answer Simple Riddle

It seems like simple arithmetic, but it’s turned into a riddle for the ages.

The bloke behind the camera, Brad, poses the following straight-forward question to Jen.

“Mum and dad have four daughters, yeah?”

“And each daughter has one brother… how many are in the family?”

After some simple addition, Jen says the answer is 10.

“The mum and dad have got four daughters, OK so, mum, dad, one, two, three, four daughters, plus four brothers, one, two, three, four… 10”

Brad laughs at Jen saying “no, it’s not”.

After arguing, Jen counts again.

The thing is, whether she realises it or not, she swaps out the word ‘each’ for ‘all’.

“They’ve all got one brother Brad!”

“Exactly,” Brad says.

After more arguing, Brad kindly breaks it down for Jen.

“If you had four daughters and they all had one brother, how many brothers would they have… they’ve all got one brother.”

The penny then drops for Jen.

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