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Former Ballerina Shows Horrible Effects Of A 'Ballerina Bun'

As if being a ballerina wasn’t physically tough enough, there is a whole other physical problem that plagues the beautiful women of dance.

Diva Hollands from Epsom, England is a former dancer and is speaking out about the extreme HAIR LOSS she has after years of wearing a tight bun.

The former ballerina started dancing at the age of three and trained at the Royal Ballet School before leaving the profession behind at 18.

The so called “ballerina bun” gets its name from hair that is scraped back with a comb and secured with no less than 10 hairpins and a hairnet.

Diva, who is now 22, blames the bun for her receding hairline which has gone as far back to the middle of her scalp.

The hair loss, known as ‘Traction alopecia’ is balding induced by tight hairstyles.

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Diva, who has just become a mum, underwent an eight-hour surgical follicular unit transplantation – in which a surgeon – Dr Edward Ball - moved a strip of healthy skin with hair follicles from the back of her head to the front.

Good grief. What a production!

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