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Did Matty J Just Have Sex On The Bachelor?!

Ummm it's getting hot in here!

The sexual tension was high on The Bachelor AU tonight when Elora invited Matty J  to spend the night with her. 

So much hand-caressing and 'I'm going to see you naked eyes', right?

Watch it here: 

Elora invites Matty J to spend the night with her. What was Matty J's next move... @thebachelorau

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After all THIS is the much-hyped overnight date! 

So imagine our confusion when Elora says "do you want to come in?"

And Matty J gives the eyes, caresses the hand and then... leaves her at the door!! 

We don't think it's all over for Elora just yet. 

In fact, we have dug deep into the Bachie archives and we're pretty confident Elora will make the final three.

Now, it’s not guaranteed, but on past Bachelor series it’s extremely likely.

There's method to our madness - whoever gets a single date in episode 8 (tonight) is at least in the final 3.

In season one, Tim Robards took Anna, who won, on a date. 

In season two, Blake Garvey took Louise on a date before she was eliminated in the final three round but actually became his girlfriend after the show had finished.

Season 3, we saw Sam Wood take Snezana on a date before she won the three and Richie took Olena on a date in season 4 before dropping her in the final 3.

So, don't give up Elora! 

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