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Dashcam Captures The Moment The Sky 'Exploded'

A young woman driving through central Queensland has managed to capture footage on her dashcam of what appears to be the meteor flash which lit up the night sky on Monday.

Kiera Holder was driving home from work just after 8pm near Duaringa, about 120km west of Rockhampton, when she saw the streak and explosion of what experts believe may have been a meteorite.

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"The footage doesn't even compare in the slightest to what it was actually like," she told AAP.

"It was really beautiful, a big ball of light that just lit up the sky and then exploded," Ms Holder said.

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She's seen a number of shooting stars in her recent trips to and from work, but nothing like this.

"It was pretty cool, I'm really lucky I saw it," she said.

AAP; Photo: AAP

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