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The baby names New Zealand rejected

If the name you chose for your baby doesn’t even have letters in it, you’d better start again.

That was the message from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs who have released a list of 66 names that were refused during 2018 and was published at news.com.au.

They had two submissions for names that were not from the alphabet at all, just roman numerals ‘II’ and ‘III’. If there was going to be a baby named with a number, surely it’s Seven as a tribute to George Costanza’s favourite baby name on TV sitcom Seinfeld!

The full list of rejected names included quite a few royal titles and military ranks. There were six babies who missed out on being called ‘King’, three who were meant to be ‘Royalty’ and two who would’ve been ‘Queen’.

Other rejected names included…

  • Saint
  • Allah
  • Emperor
  • Heaven-Princezz-Star
  • Emprah
  • Messiah
  • Roil
  • Judge
  • Hunter-Rhouge
  • Majestee-Honours
  • Sir

But perhaps our favourite of all the rejected names was this name, which was to be not just a nickname but an actual, legitimate, birth-certificate, official first name…

  • Royale-Bubz

“Hi, pleased to meet you fellow adult, my name’s Royale-Bubz.”


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