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Are Penis Seats The Next Big Thing On Public Transport?

It comes to no surprise to many of our female readers that the public transport commute, to and from work can be one of discomfort.

According to the SBS, almost 92 people per 100,000 of the population in Australia have reported sexual harassment incidents, that’s more than double the global average.

On a more global scale, the council of Mexico city have decided that the sheer volume of these reported crimes is horrifically too common so, as a means of raising awareness on the issue, they’ve installed a penis seat.

Yep, a penis seat.

The city designed a seat to look like a man’s chest, seated with a protruding penis and temporarily installed under a sign that says “Exclusive for Men” on Mexico City’s No. 7 line.

Underneath the seat on the ground is another sign that reads: “It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes.”


The BBC said the campaign has been met with mixed responses.

“Some people are applauding the idea and others are complaining that it is sexist.”

Holly Kearl, founder of the US-based Stop Street Harassment campaign, told the BBC, “Too often initiatives around women’s safety focus on what women should or should not do, so it is refreshing to see a creative campaign aimed at men.”

We think regardless of your personal feelings towards the seats, the fact that it’s platforming the discussion on sexual harassment is a positive step closer to making change.

Perhaps this is something Australian councils should be adopting to create awareness as well!

Image source:123rf

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