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An Edition Of Monopoly That ENCOURAGES Cheating Is Coming

If you're a board game stickler that needs to read the rule book, this is NOT the game for you. 

This edition of Monopoly is purely for the cheaters. 

The bank robbers, sneaky dealers and card stealers. 

The new edition comes with additional cheat cards that encourage you to sneakily take a crisp $50 from the bank or move another player's token while trying to go unnoticed. 

If successful, there are free properties and prizes on offer. 

Fail and suffer...

The Monopoly board even has a legitimate handcuff for when you are 'in jail', so we're guessing you can't sneakily roll on your next go and pretend you were 'just visiting' without being noticed on that one. 

If they needed a Monopoly hotline to settle family disputes with the regular version, imagine the fights and tantrums the cheaters edition will create. 

So the question really is... what can you get away with? 

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