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Alex's Alleged Secret Deal With Bachelor Producers

Alex Nation is currently the favourite to win Richie's heart and take home the final rose but her standing in the top five may not all be down to chance (or romance). 

New Idea are reporting that the mother-of-one made a deal before appearing on the show, guaranteeing her a place in the top five as she would have to be away from her son, Elijah for so long. 

The deal means that regardless of if she found love, Alex would be one step closer to building a public profile and increase her chances at an acting career. 

"She had told some friends that because she would be away from her son, she insisted the producers make it worth her while, and made a deal that she would make the final five," a source revealed to the publication. 

"So even if she didn't win, it would help her profile and acting aspirations."

Close friends also said Alex's ex-boyfriend of 15 months and long time friend, Tom Barbour, was 'blindsided' when the 24-year-old ended their relationship before The Bachelor began filming. 

The blonde beauty had gone as far as renovating her house so it was accessible to the 23-year-old during their relationship, who was left paraplegic after falling nine metres on a construction site.

"He'd fallen nine metres and severed his spinal cord, but we fell madly in love and I renovated my house so he could move in with me," Alex had admitted previously. 

"[He was] probably the first person (I) ever loved," she continued, despite having been married before.

The final two episodes of The Bachelor are set to air on Wednesday and Thursday this week. 

Will Alex's persistence pay off? Only time will tell.


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