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28yo Mum Arrested For Putting WHAT In Her Baby's Bottle!?!

Lori Sheppard, 28, has been charged with child endangerment after giving her 10-month-old son a bottle with bourbon in it, KATV reports. 

According to reports, Sheppard, from Little Rock, Arkansas, put alcohol in her son's bottle because her mother advised her to.

Sheppard's mother suggested she put some alcohol on the baby's gums to stop him from crying after Tylenol and Motrin didn't work. 

However instead, Sheppard put the bourbon inside the baby's bottle and left it inside his playpen. 

While it is not known how much alcohol she gave him, when police arrived, the baby's BAC was 0.19. 

According to police documents, the baby was found "limp and unresponsive" and was airlifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

Sheppard's two other children have been place in the custody of the state. 


Source: Cosmopolitan

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