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'Vogue' Lawsuit Victory For Madonna

Madonna has prevailed in a copyright lawsuit over her 1990 hit 'Vogue' that alleged a producer copied a fraction-of-a-second segment of horns.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that a general audience would not recognise the 0.23-second snippet in 'Vogue' as originating from the song 'Love Break.'

Lawyers for the plaintiff, VMG Salsoul LLC, could not immediately be reached for comment.

A producer of 'Vogue,' Shep Pettibone, also recorded 'Love Break' in the early 1980's, according to the court ruling.

VMG Salsoul owns the copyright to 'Love Break' and alleged Pettibone sampled the horn hit from the earlier work and added it to 'Vogue.'

The three-judge 9th Circuit panel ruled 2-1 in favour of Madonna, Pettibone and other defendants including Warner Bros Records.

Dissenting Judge Barry Silverman said even a small sample of music, used without a license, should be a copyright violation.

"In any other context, this would be called theft," Silverman wrote.

Madonna's lawyers could not immediately be reached for comment.

Source: AAP, Image: Getty

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