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Elvis Costello's Hand-Picked Anthology to Soundtrack Memoir

Elvis Costello's Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album, a double-disc anthology that serves as a companion to his upcoming memoir will be released October 9.  The memoir Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink will be issued by Random House four days later.

The soundtrack boasts nearly 40 tracks that span Costello's entire career and were personally selected by him for how they correspond to the themes in his book.

Fans will find everything from favorites like "Oliver's Army," "The Other Side of Summer" and "Alison" to a live version of "Accidents Will Happen" which kicks off the collection -- to two previously unreleased tracks. The anthology also includes a 28-page booklet that features photographs and lyrics.

Here is the track listing for Unfaithful Music & Soundtrack Album:


"Accidents Will Happen" (live) 

"Poison Moon"

"Watching the Detectives"

"Oliver's Army"

"Riot Act"

"New Lace Sleeves"

"Man Out Of Time"

"I Want You"

"When I Was Cruel No.2"

"Stranger in the House"

"Beyond Belief"

"Home Truth"

"Indoor Fireworks"


"Cinco Minutos Con Vos"


"Deep Dark Truthful Mirror"

"Ascension Day"

"Red Cotton"


"Veronica" [demo]

"In the Darkest Place"

"I Want to Vanish"

"My Dark Life"

"The Other Side of Summer"

"London's Brilliant Parade"

"Ghost Train"

"Suit of Lights"

"Jimmie Standing in the Rain"

"The Birds Will Still Be Singing"

"Wise Up Ghost"

"Almost Blue"

"All the Rage"


"My Three Sons"

"I'm in the Mood Again"

"April 5th" (previously unreleased collaboration with Roseanne Cash & Kris Kristofferson)

"I Can't Turn It Off" (previously unreleased solo track from 1975)

"Sketches from Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink"

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