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Beach Boys In Bill Murray Christmas Special

There's a minor battle this holiday season over an obscure 1970s Christmas song.

The French alt-rock band Phoenix with help from Paul Shaffer, Buster Poindexter and Jason Schwartzman  covered "Alone on Christmas Day" for funnyman Bill Murray's Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas, which is available for viewing today.

Proceeds going to UNICEF, the track is also available for streaming on YouTube. Murray asks the band to "play something that nobody knows," and this is what they come back with.

Mike Love co-wrote the song, and The Beach Boys recorded it in 1979, but the track never had a commercial release. Collectors know the song through bootlegs. Last month, Love and his current road band redid the song with altered lyrics. That version is also up on YouTube.

What's Phoenix's connection to Murray? Sofia Coppola, who directed the show, is married to Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars. And Schwartzman is her cousin.

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