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MKR’s Josh May Take ‘Legal Action’ Over Portrayal

He was the villain that made My Kitchen Rules must watch television, but now Woman’s Day is reporting Josh Meeuwissen is so unhappy with his portrayal on the hit show, that he is considering taking legal action against Channel Seven.

The magazine claims the 26-year-old, who’s already refused to do interviews, is considering taking the drastic step. 

Dubbed the ‘seafood king’ Josh’s time on the reality show saw him call a fellow contestant a ‘slut.' 

On Monday night his reign came to an end when he and wife Amy were eliminated from the show, scoring just 31 points in their ultimate instant restaurant.

Last month, the 26-year-old hinted that he wasn’t happy with his portrayal, sensationally claiming a producer had tried to ‘blackmail’ him to say things on camera.

'Several teams were definitely heavily pressured into answering questions by producers,' he said.  

He claimed if you didn’t do what they wanted they threatened to portray things differently. 

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