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Grown-Ass Man Storms Off TV Set After Losing To Kids

In a circumstance where you’d maybe expect a child to throw a tantrum about not winning… the tables have turned for this grown man.

Robot Wars is a competition in the UK where teams of amateurs and professionals operating their personally built robots to face off against each other.

In a recent episode, stalwart competitors on the show, Team Behemoth, took on Team Cherub, a team made up of three kids and an adult.

No big deal, right?

Well, it wasn’t at first.

Then, despite Team Cherub’s robot reportedly getting stuck and causing a restart, they won.

A split-second after the announcement, the leader of Team Behemoth, Ant, simply walked off the set, causing the internet to pick up its collective pitchfork.

Ant reportedly said, however, that he bailed because his team had switched their robot’s weapon, not losing to a bunch of kids.

“I was so annoyed with the rest of the team for making that decision not to go with a guaranteed win,” he said afterward.

OK, mate. 


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