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Why George & Charlotte Got In Trouble At Pippa's Wedding

Prince George and Princess Charlotte played the role of an adorable page boy and junior bridesmaid in aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding on the weekend. 

And while their outfits had us gushing over them, it seems they were not the perfect wedding guests (I mean they are only three and two after all!)


The two cuties were seen getting a royal rousing from mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, after exiting the wedding chapel - and we now know why. 

In the video you can see both Charlotte and then older brother George trampling all over the train of aunt Pippa's VERY expensive wedding dress - despite protests from their mum. 

A dress worth AUS$70,000 in fact. 


We're sure there are plenty of parents out there that can relate to having to reign kids in at weddings. 

Although most don't have the world's media zooming in on their every single move...

All goes with the territory for Charlotte and George!  

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