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This Was Almost What Prince William & Harry Were Named

We love Prince William and Prince Harry but it turns out they weren't the first names picked out for the royals. 

Their father Prince Charles was adamant in calling his two sons Arthur and Albert. 

But Princess Diana refused both of the names saying they were 'too old' for the young royals. 

And we're kind of glad. We couldn't imagine them being called Arthur and Albert!

However as a trade-off to choosing the boys first names, Charles had free rein with the boys middle names. 

Hence Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Prince Henry Charles Albert David. 

The revelation came about in the latest book Diana: Her Story. 

Another interesting fact is that Prince Charles is expected to change his own christian name when he takes to the throne. 

He is expected to instead rule as King George VII - royals are given the option to choose a different regnal name when appointed to the top job. 

H/T: Harpers Bazaar

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