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This Household Item Will Be BANNED In QLD From Next Year

If you do the groceries in your household, be prepared to pack a bag from home!

Queensland shoppers will no longer be able to get plastic bags at the supermarket under new laws passed overnight.

The ban on the single-use plastic shopping bags will take effect from mid-next year and had the support of both parties.

Retailers who refuse to adhere to the laws will face up to a $3,000 fine.

You will still be able to cash in your plastics for coins, however, milk, wine and some juice containers are exempt.

Environment Minister Steven Miles told the ABC

most passionate advocates for the change had been children.

"I get letters every day from school kids around the state," he said. "An estimated 2.4 billion beverage containers and 1 billion lightweight plastic shopping bags are used in Queensland every year … these are ending up in our waterways and killing and maiming our native animals."

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