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There's A QLD Realtor That Dances His Way Into A Sale

A Noosa Realtor was asked by his clients to make their house stand out in a competitive market and stand out he did.

Clint Smith got a video camera, turned on some “24k Magic” and busted out some killer dance moves in every room of the house.

Now, he is fast becoming the most popular realtor in Australia.

On this morning’s Sunrise, Clint told hosts Kochie and Sam Armytage that he’s been dancing since he’s a little kid in the community where the video was filmed.

When asked if the video helped to sell the house, Clint said: “It was just something that was the spur of the moment, they said ‘look, can we get some extra exposure on social media’ and I said ‘look let's put the video up and do a little dance as a joke Ha Ha’ and I thought, let’s give it a crack and see what happens.”

For something that was meant to be a “joke”, has turned into a viral sensation, but Clint isn’t keen to do it again.

“It’s a bit of a once off,” he said. “Certainly attracting a lot of attention which is what we wanted to do but it’s certainly not something I’d do on a regular basis.”

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