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There Looks To Be Some Bad News For Grant Denyer

Grant Denyer is currently in hospital recovering from a car crash but that didn’t stop him from speaking to The Project about the incident last night.

Speaking to the panellists, the 39-year-old race car driver opened up about his recovery and his wife Cheryl.

When asked whether he was going to give up race car driving, he replied 'Motorsport is something I have been doing since I was 14 years of age. I won the GT Australian Motor Sport game,' he said.

'I have to remember I am a father, first and foremost. And I have got a duty to turn up on television for Family Feud every single night. I will reassess things.'

He was then pressed on whether he had, had a conversation with his wife about his next move and he said I am not as worried about the doctor coming here to check my temperature as I am my wife is about to walk into this hospital.'

Disguising a serious question with humour, Peter was quick to quip: 'What do you think the survey is going to say?'

Catching on to the Family Feud theme joke, Grant said: 'Survey might say "racing, bah, bow," holding up his arms to make a big cross. 

Family Feud airs weeknights at 6PM on Channel Ten.

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