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There Is Some Bad News For The Today Show & Sunrise

They have been on our screens for 25 years, and it looks like Australia may have fallen out of love with them a bit.

Year-on-year television ratings have shown that both the Today show and Sunrise had shed viewers in their tens of thousands, with online availability of news probably the issue.

There are also fears for the Today show that Karl Stefanovic’s divorce from his wife Cassandra Thorburn could have caused the demise of their audience.

In 2016, the Today show averaged 326,000 viewers across five capital cities. However, it has now dipped to just 296,000 and on some days can drop even lower to 236,000.

Over at Sunrise, in 2016, their average figure was 325,000 across the five capital cities, but now it is just 287,000, with 38,000 people switching off.

Could this be the end of morning TV as we know it?

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