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The Bizarre Move Made By The Bachelor's Sam Wood And Snezana

They are The Bachelor couple who have just announced they are expecting a baby.

And it’s now been revealed they are already shopping around for a media deal involving the unborn baby.

The Herald Sun’s Confidential have reported the couple are keen to make as much money as they can from their pregnancy.

“Snezana & Sam are open to a media partnership surrounding the baby news,” a publicity rep from Silk and Scotch PR said in an email to the publication.

“Pre & post-pregnancy is an option. They are also open to an ongoing partnership such as a fortnightly column from Snezana on her pregnancy experience and answering readers’ questions, fortnightly video content with the guys giving updates on the pregnancy, preparing to be parents & fitness tips, etc.

Thanks @nwmag for the great story out today on our very very exciting news! Love this photo.

A post shared by Sam Wood (@samjameswood) on

“to keep it fair, we are reviewing every offer presented. If you would be interested, please let us know what you ideally would like to offer regarding content options and a dollar figure.”

Sam and Snez have made a career after the Bachelor as social media influencers, promoting everything from seafood, a hairdresser and even Singapore.

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